My Single Step

Thanks for joining me! I suspect if you’re here, you are a family member, friend, or former student or colleague.  Thank you for taking time to visit! If you are NOT one of the aforementioned folks, here is a little bit about me.

My name is Marla Morris and I taught Spanish (among quite a few other things) for 32 years and lived to tell about it. After teaching for 32 years, my husband and I both decided that the time was right to retire.  His reasons for doing so are his own, but I’d like to share mine with you.  In English, our word is “retired” for this phase of life.  That word evokes images of fading away, of resting, of a lack of vibrancy.  In Spanish (that beautiful language I dedicated my life to), the idea is completely opposite–as is often the case.  The Spanish word for this phase of life is “jubilarse”, to become jubilant.  What a happy thought!  The images this evokes for me are ones of having time to live the creative, devoted, purposeful life I’ve never had time for.  The ideas I have about “mi jubilación” are ones that will feed a part of my psyche that has been dormant, just waiting to be given oxygen.

Spending all that time around youngsters led me to believe that I like to help people and I have a few opinions about how best to do that. Working in a high-achieving school district in Ohio led me to be called upon to serve in many capacities as well–committee volunteer extraordinaire, department head, lead teacher, you get the idea. As such, I often find myself with SOME THOUGHTS, so this blog is my first step to begin a journey of sharing and reflecting with a larger (I hope) audience.

So. Here we are.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-tzuThe Way of Lao-tzu



One thought on “My Single Step

  1. I read your blog and I want to say that you seem to have had a wonderful teaching career. It must be so very fulfilling to know that you have helped so many and taught so much and to have given so much! I know your parents and they are lovely friends. It is good to kind of get to know you through your blog. Good Luck to you in your Jubilee Years!


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